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Open Dates Run/Walk
from Spruce Pine, NC to Bakersville, NC
Complete by December 31, 2014

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The Challenge

This is an ANYTIME RUN and a EARN YOUR SHIRT event!!

There are four optional routes covering 11 miles or 22 miles. Spruce Pine (The Mineral City) to Bakersville (The Capital City) OR Bakersville to Spruce Pine OR Spruce Pine to Bakersville and back to Spruce Pine OR Bakersville to Spruce Pine and back to Bakersville.

You may run or walk this event at any time prior to 12/31/14. However, you must register at least two days before your plan to run.


Distances & General Information

11 miles one way. 22 miles both ways. The route is Post office to Post office in each town (you must touch the doors or handicap parking sign each), using Oak Avenue and Roan Road in Spruce Pine, and NC Highway226 between Spruce Pine and Bakersville. Remember, this is an open road event. There is no traffic control.

The objective varies according to the individual. Some will do just one event. Some will do all four. You must register for each one individually.

Participants must wear reflective clothing, highly visible, and/or a reflective vest. Plan your own drinks or have a sag crew and plan to have your own refreshments and recovery drinks at the end.

A witness is required. The run/walk must be documented by using GPS, phone mapping tool, Garmin, etc. You must be able to email overall time and splits for each mile along with a map. Email to both AND

Running or walking only. No cycling.



Finishers and times will be posted on this page and on the MMRC page.

Four different, yet simple, t shirts are available. They are badges of honor. If you are seen with one of the shirts, everyone will know you are in a unique group.T shirts will be ordered as registration takes place. Runners will receive shirts after confirmation by email has been received and t shirts are shipped to Mitchellraces, Inc.

Some sort of framed design will also be given to those who complete each of the runs.


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